MEElectronics N8

Driver Type: 9mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 18Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 94dB
Impedance: 16Ω
Cable: 130cm 
Connector: Gold-plated L-plug
Warranty: 1 year
Being a Newegg exclusive, the packaging has the same color schemes as the site. The accessories included are 4 pairs of silicone eartips and a shirt clip. Overall pretty simple and minimal.
The N8 fits comfortably with no issues at all. Isolation is decent. The design is pretty simple and straight forward with the metallic housing and logos on them. It also comes in chrome and there is a black remote/mic mobile version as well.
The N8 has a very sturdy build with its metal housing. The cable is the same as most of the MEElec IEMs which are built to last and has good strain reliefs. As mentioned before, it comes in a remote/mic version.
The N8 has a bass emphasized sound overall. Treble is laid back a bit. Midrange is a bit recessed but still detailed. Bass is powerful and goes deep with plenty of rumble. Soundstage is average. It has a better sound than a lot of other bassy IEMs in its price range.
The Verdict
For those looking for an IEM with powerful bass, solid build, and good price, the N8 is for you. It's not the most detailed or analytical sounding IEM but not too shabby for the price. It's available for around $25 or less only @ Newegg.

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